Insurance Policy

Our goal is to help our patients receive the maximum insurance benefits available. While we accept insurance assignment, we cannot guarantee any insurance company or employer will pay for any particular procedure. If you only want a procedure done if the insurance company will pay for it, we advise you to get a pre-estimate in writing from the company.The amounts dental insurance policies pay varies, sometimes even within the same company. For instance, a company may have at least four different policies in effect at one time—one for labor, one for management, one for retired labor, and one for retired management.

Our office will file pre-estimates for our patients of record. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and it’s free!

Once a procedure is done, our office can only do the following:

Bill the insurance company with the procedure’s code and the date it was done.
Send supporting x-rays, photographs, narratives, or data in your patient record.

We need to emphasize that a pre-estimate is not a guarantee by Dr. Daniel’s office that any payment will be made. The patient is responsible for all balances regardless of how much insurance pays.

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