Good Folks Helping Others Get Back Up

February 9, 2016

Milstead Baptist ChurchMarcia and I spent last Saturday night at Millstead Baptist Church, serving as chaperones for Family Promise of Newrock, an interdenominational ministry of many churches in Rockdale and Newton Counties.  This ministry serves families who have temporary emergencies such as losing their homes to foreclosure.  The goal is to help these families stay together and get back on their feet.

Typically the families sleep in Sunday School rooms.

Family Promise of NewRock

Each week the Newrock trailer transports beds and other items to the next church that will host the families.  Notice the Millstead volunteers loading up the beds.  In the picture above Millstead member Chris Conner’s truck is ready to transport the trailer to the next destination.

Kitchen ServiceAbove are two of the volunteers who prepared meals for the Family Promise guests.

It’s encouraging to see churches like Millstead Baptist offer their facilities.  Their kindness will not be forgotten by many mothers, fathers, and children during some trying times.

Randy Daniel, DDS

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